A selection of the services we offer

  • Payroll Processing

    Simply give us a call or fax information for each pay period and payroll checks will be prepared and on their way to you. We also offer Payroll Tax Reporting

  • Electronic Services

    We offer “worry free” Direct Deposit. Employee pay is delivered on time and to the correct account. Electronic Tax Payments are also available.

  • Benefit Services

    401(k); Vacation and Sick Leave, Cafeteria (SEC 125) Plan, W-2, W-3 & Yearly Reports

  • Quickbooks® Services

    QuickBooks Set-up & Training as well as consulting

  • Personal Services

    We pride ourselves in giving the utmost personalized attention. We are your personal payroll department.

Payroll Processing

  • Laser printed payroll checks ready for your signature (preprinted with your company's name and address, your employees' name and address, your bank's name and address, and your MICR code). No need to purchase additional checks.

  • Employee earning statement attached to each check; complete with current pay period and year-to-date wages, taxes and adjustments

  • Payroll Register that details current payroll information by employee

  • Payroll time sheet to record hours, changes and adjustments
  • Payroll Tax Reporting

    Quint takes care of all your payroll tax reporting requirements. We prepare your payroll tax deposit for Federal withholding, FICA, State withholding, Disability, Unemployment Insurance & local withholding tax every deposit period with paper checks, or by electronically transferring your tax deposits, or by simply notifying you of the tax liability due.

    Direct Deposit

    With direct deposit, there are no worries about lost or stolen checks. Employee pay is delivered on time and to the correct account. No need to deal with any banks - a direct deposit form is signed by the employee and returned to Quint with a voided check attached.
    Employee will receive a regular "non-negotiable" paycheck stub listing the amount and the bank account number where monies have been deposited.

    Electronic Tax Payments

    Payments are deposited on time, no more searching for stamps or late fees due to late payments


    Quint will handle tax-deferred 401(k) deductions, either as a flat amount, or as a percentage of gross per paycheck. Deductions automatically discontinue when the employee has reached the federal limit for the year.
    Company contributions for each employee are also tracked by percentage or by a flat amount. Reports are generated and sent to your benefits administrator.

    Vacation and Sick Leave

    Quint can prepare management reports listing vacation and sick leave accruals. Workmen's compensation, department and site management reports are also available to you.

    Cafeteria (SEC 125) Plan

    These popular plans allow employees' insurance deductions to be taken pre-tax, saving money for both the employee and the employer. We can provide management reports per your benefits administrator's requirements.

    W-2, W-3 & Yearly Reports

    At the end of the year, we prepare W-2's for each current and terminated employee, and a W-3 recapping Federal and State withholdings. Yearly registers and management reports are also available.

    QuickBooks Set-up & Training

    QuickBooks Consulting

    Personalized Service

    Quint Payroll & Employer Services successfully competes by offering superior payroll solutions and client support at competitive prices. We pride ourselves in giving the utmost personalized attention. We are your personal payroll department.